Histological Equipment

Nikon Eclipse E600

  • Nikon's CFI60 infinity optics.
  • Nikon Y-FL epi-fluorescence set.
  • Nikon Digital Sight DS-Ri1 color camera, 12.7 megapixels high definition and high-resolution images at over 2,200 TV line.
  • NIS-Elements imaging software.

Nikon Eclipse TE2000-U

  • TE2000-U model is a universal model that comes standard with four output ports.
  •  Nikon's CFI60 infinity optics.
  • CARV Confocal cell imaging:
    • Optical sectioning of the sample in sequential z planes yields multiple scans that can be combined to generate 3D reconstructions of the sample. Localization and co-localization of multiple fluorescent probes and their spatial inter-relationship in live and fixed specimen 
  • EXFO X-Cite 120 fluorescence illumination system.

Aperio ScanScope CS

  • Advanced digital slide creation, management, viewing, and analysis system Appropriate for multi-user, multi-site, or laboratory workflow-integrated deployments.
  • Share eSlides of difficult cases with experts in minutes to gain additional information or collaborate with your peers. Appropriate for multi-user, multi-site, or laboratory workflow-integrated deployments, the ScanScope CS2 is the ideal tool for creating cases that need to be shared with other pathologists or care team members for collaboration or education.
  • A five-slide capacity and 20x and 40x magnification capabilities Resolution.
  • 20x: 0.50 micro meters/pixel40x: 0.25 micro meters/pixel.

Tissue-Tek VIP 5 Vacuum Infiltration Tissue Processor

  • This instrument can process, for subsequent paraffin embedding, either 150 or 300 cassettes of fixed tissue samples and can store up to 20 programs.
  • Calculates total program time and can delay the program start to arrive at a user-specified end time.
  • Built to take care of other processes automatically. Automated reagent transfer, continuous mixing, and bottle connection check ensure smooth, flawless performance and significantly more efficient processing.

Sakura DRS-601 Automatic Slide Staining System

  • Accommodates a wide variety of staining applications. Operating with a user-friendly microprocessor allows the user to facilitate up to 16 different programs to easily identify solutions by name and concentration.
  • Staining up to 60 slides per cycle.
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If your research would benefit from the use of any W.M. Keck Center instrumentation, please contact Victoria Ploplis for availability.