Brady Russo,BS

Graduate Student

Brady - Russo,BS


2015 – Present                        Graduate Student, Biochemistry, University of Notre Dame

2015                                         B.S., Biochemistry, Clemson University

Honors and Awards

2014 – 2015    Dean’s List

2012                Dean’s List

2011 – 2015    National Merit®  scholarship

2011 – 2015    Palmetto Fellows scholarship

Research Interests

Streptokinase (SK) is a secreted virulence factor produced by group A streptococcus (GAS). SK is used to convert host plasminogen into plasmin which allows GAS to disrupt the host fibrinolytic system, escape the immune system, and invade tissues. There are 3 variants of SK with differences in function that have been linked to the β-domain of SK. My interest is in determining the basis of these functional differences within the structure of the SK β-domain.