Researchers and Family hope to learn more about genetic blood disorders

Author: Deborah Donahue

The W.M. Keck Center was featured on WSBT22 on August 31st, 2017.  Follow the link for the full story.



Researchers at the University of Notre Dame are learning more about genetic blood disorders that can lead to serious health concerns.

They use mice with genetic defects to understand how blood clots happen in humans.

That research could be crucial in understanding more about a number of diseases-- including strokes, pulmonary embolisms, and cancer

For one family, this research is one way to remember their son, brother, and husband. But now it's also important for their own survival.

By all accounts, Brad Hollar was a healthy, hard-working and loving young man.

"He was just one amazing guy that everybody loved,” said Dana Hollar, with Bradley 5 Charitable Fund.

But in February 2013, Hollar passed away unexpectedly from a pulmonary embolism.

"The shock of the emergency room doctor coming out and telling you that your 26-year-old son has passed away was just unbelievably devastating,” Dana said.

It wasn't until weeks later that his family found out he had a genetic blood disorder called Factor Five Leiden.