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Plenary Talk

Author: Deborah Donahue

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Dr. Francis J. Castellino was presented with a certificate of appreciation for giving the plenary talk at the 1st Joint Meeting of the ISFP and PA Workshop.  The organizing committee presented him with the certificate on October 17, 2016 in Shizuoka, Japan.…

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Kristofor Glinton, PhD

Author: Deborah Donahue

Kristofor Glinton

Congratulations Dr. Kristofor Glinton on Achieving Your PhD

Dr. Glinton focused on the interactions between the host fibrinolytic system and virulence factors associated with Group A Streptococcus. The ability of these bacteria to recruit fibrinolytic activity has been indicated in heightened virulence. The underlying mechanisms of this process will be explored, particularly the role of surface expressed M proteins binding to human fibrinogen.…

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ISTH SSC Montpellier, France

Author: Deborah Donahue

The ISTH SSC meeting was held in Montpellier, France May 25-28, 2016, two members of the Center were there to present work at the Fibrinolysis session.

Deborah Donahue presented "Coagulopathy in a Rat Model of Traumatic Brain Injury" and Dr. Mark Walsh gave a talk titled "The Incidence of Fibrinolysis in Multiple Trauma Identified with the Cartridge Thromboelastography (TEG6s): A Spectrum of Fibrinolytic Phenotypes".…

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Graduate students on the clock to explain research, win competition

Author: Sue Lister

Three Minute Thesis competition

Nine University of Notre Dame graduate students will compete for prize money and a bid to the regional championships during the Three Minute Thesis competition on Wednesday (March 16). Known as 3MT, the competition features graduate students across all disciplines explaining their research in clear and succinct language appropriate for an audience of specialists and non-specialists alike, all within three minutes.

3MT competitors address a live audience and panel of judges with a single static slide accompanying their presentations. The students are vying for monetary prizes, and the Notre Dame winner will claim a spot in the Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools 3MT regional competition in Chicago on April 8.

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The Three Minute Thesis (3MTĀ®) Competition

Author: Deborah Donahue

Kristofor Glinton is a finalist in the 3MT® competition with a talk entitled “Group A Streptococcal Infection: Manipulation of Host Fibrinolytic System”.


Left to right: Claire Bowen, Nicholas Myers, and Kristofor Glinton, the College of Science 3MT Finalists.

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New avenues found for treatment of pathogen behind diseases including fasciitis, toxic shock syndrome

Author: William G. Gilroy

Scanning electron micrograph of red blood cell hemolysis by the Streptolysin S producing Group A Streptococcus. Credit: Shaun Lee, Dustin Higashi

One bacterial pathogen is responsible for a range of diseases, from pharyngitis and impetigo to more severe diagnoses such as toxic shock syndrome and necrotizing fasciitis (flesh eating disease), a serious bacterial skin infection that spreads quickly and kills the body’s soft tissue. The pathogen, known as Group A Streptococcus, remains a global health burden with an estimated 700 million cases reported annually, and more than half a million deaths due to severe infections.

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